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Bob, Karin & Anthony Moragues
Experimenting at the Science Museum
Karin is a wonderful bundle of energy. She enjoys planning activities for our family like kayaking at our local lake, farm days and trips to the theater. While she loves adventure days, her favorite part of being a mom is snuggling on the sofa for story time. She especially looks forward to adding another small one to our family and watching Anthony grow as a big brother. Karin is a chemist at a pharmaceutical company, researching new medicine to treat influenza. She loves her work but is always home in time for family dinner. Karin is the love of my life.
Bob and his airplane
Birthday cake with Anthony's birth siblings
Bob is a true prince of a husband. He first got my attention with an airplane date flying over the Golden Gate Bridge, but he won my heart with his gentle kindness and sense of humor. I’ve loved watching him grow as a parent from the new Daddy whose only lullaby was the Oscar Mayer Weiner jingle to one who dances to “Wiggle Your La-Di-Da” at library story time. His special Daddy skills include swing pushing and playing “cheetah” as he chases the kids around the playground. Bob works as a software engineer, currently designing tablet computers. He enjoys gadgets of all kinds, including a new passion for remote control airplanes that mirrors his passion for flying real airplanes.
Anthony is an outgoing and inquisitive little boy. He truly loves music and dance, especially Mary Poppins and the Wizard of Oz. We play outside as much as possible, he loves riding his bike with the other kids in the neighborhood and he can swing for hours. He loves to play big brother with his stuffed animals and eagerly anticipates the arrival of a real brother or sister.