Bob, Karin & Anthony Moragues
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Dad and Anthony ride the roller coaster
Feeding the goats at the petting zoo
Everything is magical when seen through the eyes of a child and we love every minute of his discovery and growth. We were avid campers before Anthony was born and now enjoy teaching him the beauty of camping while we re-discover the simple joys of finding banana slugs, splashing in streams and roasting marshmallows. We have memberships at the children’s museum and the local amusement park and zoo where Anthony once rode the roller coaster four times in a row. Being a parent is more than fun and games, though. Parenthood is family dinners and Saturday morning pancakes, just one more bedtime story and holding him tight when he’s scared.
We truly value our relationship with Anthony’s birth family. They only live an hour away, which allows for regular visits. I know that his birthmother enjoys watching him grow up and I look forward to showing him off at our next visit. Anthony has six birth siblings and he is inseparable from his two oldest sisters when we visit.

Anthony isn’t the only child in our family who was adopted! Bob’s brother and his wife adopted a little boy only a year younger than Anthony. Bob also has three cousins who were adopted. Adoption is an accepted and normal part of our extended family’s life.

Playing in the sand while camping at Morro Bay