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Bob, Karin & Anthony Moragues
Baking chocolate-chip cookies
Playing at the park with Anthony's best pal
Jumping into a haystack at the pumpkin patch
Our Home
We live in Mountain View, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley. Despite our high tech surroundings, our neighborhood has a small town feel. We know all our neighbors and there are 28 children on our block alone. Summer Fridays find us having potluck dinner in the front yard while we close off the street to let the kids ride their bikes. We live in a vibrant community and take full advantage of summer concerts, theater in the park and just hanging out with friends.

Our Family
Our family is very important to us. Bob has a large extended family; each of his parents has six siblings. Both families are quite close and we get together regularly. His dad’s family is centered in Omaha, Nebraska while his mother’s family is a little more scattered. Despite the distance, his family gathers in Denver regularly. Karin’s family is as small as Bob’s is large. Her parents and sisters live in Southern California. We will bring a young baby into a large and loving family full of three sets of grandparents as well as numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.
Moragues family reunion